Diversity & Multiculturalism

My approach to diversity is rooted in cultural humility, intersectionality, and a growing awareness of dynamics of power and privilege. Cultural humility requires adopting an other-oriented yet self-reflective stance and expressing respect for others’ identities (Hook et al., 2013). I believe an essential starting point for cultural humility is an acknowledgment of individuals’ intersectional identities and how these identities interplay with power and privilege.

The goal of my work is to improve quality of life and eliminate health disparities for families facing unique stressors. In my research, clinical work, teaching, and service, I have worked with individuals representing a wide range of socioeconomic, ethnic, racial, spiritual, political, age, gender, and sexual identities. I seek to understand the impact of identity and context on health outcomes. In all domains, I conduct my work through a lens of social justice, and I strive to maintain an awareness of societal systems of power and privilege and their impact on health and well-being. I am committed to pursuing equity, justice, and inclusion among under-resourced and historically marginalized individuals and communities from a range of backgrounds.

Multiculturalism training presented at the Medical University of South Carolina

Service Work Related to Diversity and Multiculturalism

Chief Postdoc Representative, Internship Diversity Training Committee, Charleston Consortium Internship (2019-present)

Member, Multiculturalism Assessment Working Group, National Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center, Medical University of South Carolina (2020)

Member, Clinic Diversity Committee, Georgia State University (2012-2019)

Outreach Coordinator, Clinic Diversity Committee, Georgia State University (2016-2017)

Co-Chair, Clinic Diversity Committee, Georgia State University (2014-2016)

Workshop Facilitator, “Diversifying Psychology” Session, Graduate Training in Psychology: Getting In and Succeeding, Georgia State University (2016)